Things I have been doing


I finished my thesis and honours.

I have been working a lot. I have learnt so much in the last month or so. I can make good coffee.

I moved house, on my own.

I joined the gym. I’ve been going to group classes. Doing weights and going on the treadmill.

Started to learn how to crochet. Slowly learning how to make amigurumi.

Switched off Dopthep and went on Pristiq. It has saved my life. I ran out and didn’t have it for two days, and all this week at work my boss and coworkers have noticed the difference they’ve made in me, and that it has taken all week for me to bounce back.

I have been trying new things. New food, new clothes, new attitude. I am doing things that scare me, I am trying to put myself out there, I am trying to make new friends.

Trying to take care of myself. Trying to be kind to myself. Planning all the things I want to do. I found a place to join for pole again next year. I want to take a cake decorating class. I want to get fit and strong and run a short marathon next year. I want to be healthy and I want to be happy, and I am exploring and learning what I want and what fulfils me.

I’m finding my courage and bravery and confidence, and I am trying to remind myself of all my recent achievements. I am a good person and I can do good things and I am capable, and it is okay to feel bad sometimes, just let it pass. Mistakes are oka, just learn from it and try not to do the same thing again. Learning to be kind to yourself is one of the hardest things you can do, because it’s when you feel the worst about yourself you need to be nice.

I am trying and I am doing and I will get there and everything is okay, and it will be good.


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