Goals and accomplishments


Inspired by this post, here is mine.

Eff yeah list!

  • Finished my thesis
  • Moved house
  • Got myself onto good meds (Pristiq)
  • Learnt how to make good coffee and got employee of the month in November
  • Survived the most devastating and unexpected breakup of my life
  • Slowly discovering that being single doesn’t completely suck and isn’t all that bad

My word for 2012 is confidence. I want and need to be more confident and assured in all that I do. I need to be confident I am a good person and that I deserve happiness and to explore what makes me happy, and have the confidence to do so. I need to be confident in who I am and what I stand for, and figure out those things on my own, rather than as part of a couple. I want to be confident being on my own. I’ll be starting to look for a “real job” next year as I just graduated, and confidence is a big selling point in getting a job. No one will hire me if I don’t believe in myself.

Life buckets

  • Make more friends
  • Improve the relationships I have
  • Be kind and open to people


  • Reconnect with my cousins, aunts, uncles
  • Maintain the good relationships I have with my mum and brother
  • Become better friends with my brother’s girlfriend


  • Cook at least four times a week
  • Try at least two new recipes a month
  • Go out to dinner at least once a month


  • Go to the gym at least four times a week
  • See a personal trainer every fortnight
  • Run the Bridge to Brisbane next year (the WHOLE thing)


  • Join back up and go every week
  • Improve my flexibility -do the splits by the end of 2012
  • Have fun!

Try new things

  • Do things that make me uncomfortable and step out of my comfort zone more often. E.g. trying new classes
  • Learn to curl my hair and do makeup with brushes
  • Speak up, look silly, not be so bothered by what other people think


  • Keep learning crochet, make a blanket for winter and make at least six amigurumi by the end of 2012
  • Save up for and do a cake decorating class
  • Blog at least once a week


  • Get involved in volunteering for a psychology related organisation
  • Apply for career related jobs – even ones I have no chance of getting
  • Join the APS


  • Make and keep a budget of where all my money goes. Do monthly reviews of what it’s all been spent on
  • Learn to manage my time more effectively
  • Save money to go travelling next summer

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