Monthly Archives: January 2012

Chickpea and sweet potato patties


This afternoon, I’ve had a few hours between finishing work and my personal training appointment tonight. So I decided to test out a recipe I’ve had sitting around for ages, but haven’t had time to make yet. And since cooking new recipes is on my goals for this year, today was a good time to start!

I made some chickpea and sweet potato patties, recipe can be found here. I used half as much onion and regular cheese instead of parmesan. I’ve discovered that I really love sweet potato, even more than regular potatoes. And chickpeas. I’ve been eating less and less meat recently, and dairy as well. I’ve switched to having soy milk in my coffee at work, and even in my cup of tea it’s actually quite nice, although I’ve heard a lot of people hate it with tea. Too much dairy makes me feel sick, I haven’t been tested for lactose issues and I doubt I’d be diagnosed with anything, I am just eating in a way that makes me feel good. I had a piece of cheesecake over the weekend and I spent the night feeling sick from it, even though it was delicious. So my eating habits have become a lot more vegetarian/vegan, and I’ve been cutting back on things that are high in gluten (the noises my stomach makes when I have white bread – you’d think I was starving for a week the way it growls!). I feel better when I have less dairy and gluten in my diet, so that is how I am trying to eat. I’ve never been a fan of red meat, and that left me eating a lot of chicken. Chicken is both expensive (compared to chickpeas/lentils/etc) and when I think about it, I don’t like the idea of eating flesh, but I don’t consider myself vegetarian (yet). So since I am single and only have myself to cook for, I decided to experiment with alternatives to chicken in my food. Chickpeas in green curry are amazing. I’ve cooked it twice with chickpeas and both times have been fabulous, better than having actual chicken in it. So how could two of my new favourite foods together go wrong?

This recipe has both gluten and dairy in it, but in small amounts, which I can tolerate. It could quite easily be made vegan by substituting or eliminating the cheese. These patties were so amazing,they reheat really well and I ate them as a meal for lunch at work with some sweet chilli sauce. Definitely making these again, but next time with some spices or curry powder added for a bit extra kick.